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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Shooting Techniques

Shooting Techniques
Photographic techniques in shooting or in the English language called the type of shoot. Techniques to determine the shooting will determine the size of the main object in a photo. In particular theme type of shoot is used to construct a story in a photo. Type of shoot commonly used to capture the human object, but could you want mengaplikasiikannya with other objects such as animals or inanimate objects please adjust alone concept. Here are some types of shooting techniques:
Extreme long shootphotography
teknik fotografi
Extra Long shoot
Also known as extra long shoot, which is a technique of photography in which the shooting objects and ambience around it looks as a whole. In this kind of shooting things that you want highlighted in addition to the main object of the circumstances surrounding circumstances. Therefore we need a proper composition that the main object and the background to be a unity of interest
The use of this technique is suitable for numerous and clustered object. This example can be seen in the form of frames that tell the state that is doing a bunch of minimum wage increases demonstration.photography
Long Shoot
teknik fotografi
Long Shoot
Long shoot, almost similar to the extra long shoot but in this shooting technique more used to observe a person's overall figure where the entire body of the object will be visible.
The function of photography is to convey the state of the object to act with the breadth of the atmosphere where the object is located. Long shoot usually left blank areas that seemed to be on the move object image area. 
teknik fotografi

Medium Long Shoot
Medium long shoot is a photographic technique in which the space-extracted shooting slightly narrower than the technique of long shoot. In photography prewedding shooting space shoot this type of start from the knee up to the limit of the head.
The function of this technique to convey the state of the object with the level of activity suasna environment where the object is located. overall shots objects reflect normal life like everyday life made by humans, with a wider range of environmental conditions in the frame Medium Shot, but the substance does not reduce the significance of the events shown.Photography Techniques
Medium shoot
Teknik Fotografi
Medium shoot
Medium shoot a photographic technique in the medium range shooting, where limit is cutting objects from the waist up. Taking pictures using the medium to shoot both body language and facial expressions. This method is ideal to use for photo prewedd prewedd as much a portrait photo umummnya body language objects.
The function of this technique to convey the state of the object of activity, where the whole object in pengadegannya reflect normal life like everyday life made by humans.Photography Techniques
Medium Close Up
Teknik Fotografi

Medium close up
Medium close-up of a shooting technique to capture the space between the medium and close-up shoot, starting from the chest up. Such photographic technique capable of capturing facial expressions more clearly. We recommend that you use to capture the expressions of happiness obejk your photo and very nice if the photos be candid.
The function of this technique is similar to the Close-Up is to convey the character of the actual state of the object details of an object, so kerakterannya especially on objects can be seen as a real human being and clearly by viewers. This example can be seen in the form of facial expressions frame that tells someone else crying, scared, thrilled, laughing and othersPhotography Techniques
Close Up
Teknik Fotografi

  In the close-up shots, body parts in the photo are from the shoulder to the boundary limits of the head. Besides being used to capture a person's facial expression, shooting technique is also used for show details like wrinkles on the face that sometimes makes a photo look dramatic. The function of photography is to convey the character of the details of an object, so the character especially on objects can be seen as a real human being and clearly by the audience. When you take a close-up, it's good to talk to the object image so you can really capture the expressions and do not need to be calculated while taking a picture that really looks natural.Photography Techniques
Big Close Up
Teknik Fotografi

This method is similar to the close-up, is a good shot to capture the expressions and the details on the face of someone who differs is the limit mengcrop shooting with little in the forehead and chin. Since the theme is still close up, it will not be much different from the above close. Photographic techniques like this will actually put more emphasis on the expression object. Noteworthy is that operate the machine cautious crop photos at the bottom of the forehead for not too much so as not to damage the aesthetics of the photo.
Extreme Close UpPhotography Techniques
Teknik Fotografi
Extreme Close Up
Taking pictures that only focus on one specific part. Can be used to show the parts of the body or face or parts of the most unique characteristics of a person, such as: extreme close-up on the eyes or lips may be one of the loveliest parts of the face of your object. Actually, not only on the face in close-up, if you consider another part of the body makes it can be used as a marker of a person's focus, provided that (sorry) out of focus to the restricted areas of the body J, such as the object using the hour at hand which is the hallmark the object then hands plus hours could be the main focus. This photography takes viewers who look to visualize because this type of photo sort of guessing and start viewing arouse curiosity.
In the implementation of this technique is often combined with a low angle making photo corners so that the resulting image looks more attractive.
Two shoot
Taking pictures featuring two objects simultaneously. Because tesebutlah the photographic technique is often used in prewedding photographs. Generally, photos will show daily activities, such photographs is a little difficult when the two coordination objects.
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